Core Programs

Core Program Application and Matching:

Every year, in the spring term, available positions for core programs are announced by the MSTP Executive Board, and the Medical School Phase IV (MSTP Year 2) students are asked to make three program choices. Academic achievement of the students and their choices are evaluated by the MSTP Executive Board and students are placed into a core PhD program of their choice. PhD credits earned during the first two years (MSTP years 1-2) are transferred to their core programs. After registration to core programs, each student is assigned a PhD advisor by their departments. Students select their couses together with their advisors every semester. 

Students placed into the core programs are responsible for meeting all requirements of their programs. Departments, advisors and MSTP executive board maintain coordination between medical school program and PhD courses and laboratory studies. All core programs are monitored by the Executive Board to meet the MSTP program requirements.

MSTP Core PhD Programs: